Founder Focus: Movig Connects Creators With Brands To Build Business

By Roya Soleimani Winner, Sunstone Staff Writer 

The rapid rise of the creator economy and User-Generated Content (UGC) has helped individuals harness their unique talents to reach and influence a global audience. But tools to connect creators and brand owners haven’t kept up.

Until now. Ibrahim Ayub and Luca Barone, cofounders of Movig, see these creators as entrepreneurs, and are providing the tools and resources to help them both start and sustain their businesses. 

Movig is a creator-first platform that powers UGC creators with brands, contacts, and automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools – helping brand operators and creators streamline business processes through sales, contract, and pitching support. Ibrahim and Luca say they have long been drawn to both being entrepreneurs, and in building tools to support other Founders. 

Ibrahim and Luca first met when they were students in the INSEAD MBA program, which is based in both Singapore and France. While both had successful careers, they found themselves drawn to entrepreneurship.

Luca is from Florence, Italy, and becoming an entrepreneur meant building on his experience working in finance. After working in mergers and acquisitions for a Spanish investment bank, he found himself drawn to the founders they were backing.

“The coolest person in the room was always the entrepreneurs,” he laughed.

Ibrahim grew up in Boston, studied computer science as an undergraduate, and systems engineering in graduate school. He worked in traditional management and technology consulting, but also found himself pulled towards social innovation and social impact ventures. These passions were mostly outside of work, and he found himself increasingly drawn to those efforts. 

As part of their MBA studies, both worked with startups and new ventures. Coming out of the pandemic, they saw that, “the pandemic introduced us to new ways of working, and helped people know they wanted more agency around their work,” Ibrahim said. “This led us to the creator economy and freelance space.”

“The more people we spoke to, the more we saw that solopreneurs or business owners were focused on the content creation side,” Luca added. 

One of the first areas Ibrahim and Luca helped creators tackle was around facilitating payments between creators and brands. They then shifted focus more upstream.

“To help creators land a brand deal, we started to streamline the process of the sales deal flow,” Ibrahim said.

In addition to facilitating payments, Movig helps creators find brands they can align with, identify the right point of contact, and even help create personalized pitches.

“Creators have had to act as a salesperson, which is a whole different skill set, and using our Artificial Intelligence sales pitch, we’re able to help them optimize for a particular kind of sale,” Luca added.

“AI is core for us, and will continue to be. From email pitch generation to recommendations and matching,” Ibrahim echoed.

This summer, Movig was part of the Lair East Labs (LEL) and Sunstone Management accelerator program’s summer 2023 cohort in New York City, and both Luca and Ibrahim said they had an exceptional experience, with high-quality mentors and fellow founder.

They both say they are excited for the future. Luca said their new services look promising and they expect to be able to increase revenue in the next three months, allowing them to grow their team. Ibrahim added a new concierge service will “help creators not have to make the tradeoff between being a creator and being able to be successful. We want them to know that there are tools and resources at their disposal. They’re not in this alone — we’re here to help.”

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