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Sunstone Management is a diversified private capital firm that invests in diverse early-stage tech entrepreneurs. We believe in the aspirational power of Southern California to attract and inspire the world’s most ambitious investors and entrepreneurs.  We deliver exciting economic growth opportunities through innovative public-private-partnerships and our unique experience across government, education, and private sectors to support high-quality investment, entrepreneurship, and community development.


At Sunstone Management, Inc., our investment philosophy is focused on the long-term success of both our investors and investments, centered on three key components: Founder Focused. Market-Modern. Sustainable.

  • Founder Focused. We invest—both capital and technical assistance—in diverse, high-quality people with a demonstrated passion for solving challenging problems. We invest at the earliest stages of development to capture value and strengthen the chances of long-term success.
  • Market-Modern. We invest in market modern technologies—products, services, and solutions—that are highly and quickly scalable, and can modernize the way we do business across all sectors.
  • Sustainable. We invest in sustainability—financial, social, and environmental—that promises long-term growth for both our investors and our investments. We believe that sustainable business is good business.

Join us!
If you believe in a similar investment philosophy we encourage you to join the Sunstone Community today. We are always seeking great investors, entrepreneurs, and community partners to advance our vision for the world. Visit our website for more information or follow us on social media for upcoming events and announcements at LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Website.