Founder Focus: Inked Sports Connects College Athletes to Brand Opportunities 

By Roya Soleimani Winner, Sunstone Staff Writer 

While Tyler Shooshani was the student manager of the University of Southern California (USC) Football team, he saw firsthand the ways collegiate athletes put passion and dedication into their craft. He also saw the difference between how resources were shared across different men’s and women’s sports, including supporting their visibility. 

So, in 2021, after college athletes were allowed to sign sponsorship deals, Tyler founded Inked Sports to help connect college athletes to brands who want to engage and reach Gen-Z customers. The company aims to streamline brand ambassadorship marketing, creative management, and sponsorship promotions at scale by connecting brands, underserved college athletes, and universities. 

As CEO, Tyler’s main focus has been to help underserved athletes, which he describes as the many college athletes who won’t make it to the professional level, women, and those who aren’t currently being supported by sponsorship management. Tyler notes that he grew up in the vibrant Persian Jewish community of West Los Angeles with two sisters, and strong matriarchs of his family, which led him to “have an additional affinity to equalize gender imbalances and bring equity to the table.” 

What started out as a passion project has now morphed into a company “representing over 700 active collegiate athletes, with a larger, broader network, too,” Tyler said in a recent interview. Currently focused on influencer marketing and brand ambassadorship opportunities, Inked Sports helps serve as a “mini agent” for student athletes who wouldn’t otherwise know how to navigate contractual agreements and the world of digital marketing.  

“To help identify the right athlete to the right brand, we created an Audience Interest Calculator, through a partner API, which is an internal tool that scrapes what each athlete’s followers are interested in, like sports, beauty, fashion, etc., and then helps present the best candidate to work with a brand based on the interests of their network,” Tyler said. Student athletes including USC’s Kait Devir, the senior goalie for the women’s lacrosse team, are part of Inked Sports’ network, and also have a strong community of followers.  

Tyler said it has been transformative to be a part of the Lair East Labs Accelerator program, where Sunstone Management is the capital partner. He said that through this program, he’s become a “better and more precise founder.” He found the speakers immensely helpful, and the Founder AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) sessions to be “the best type of education you can get as an entrepreneur to learn from other’s powerful stories.” 

 The support from LEL and Sunstone also helped facilitate conversations with potential pilot program partners for his company, and for that he is grateful, he said. 

Tyler is currently working on expanding Inked Sports to include a new brand called Maplehouse that will focus on collegiate apparel and authentic Gen-Z brand opportunities.  

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