Sunstone Management is a diversified private capital firm located in Southern California that invests in diverse early-stage technology entrepreneurs who seek to build great companies. We believe in the aspirational power of the American economy to attract and inspire investors and entrepreneurs from throughout the world. We deliver new and exciting opportunities for economic growth through the creation of innovative public-private partnerships, and our unique experience across government, education, and private sectors.

Founder Focus

We invest—both capital and technical assistance—in diverse, high-quality people with a demonstrated passion for solving challenging problems. We invest at the earliest stages of development to capture value and strengthen the chances of long-term success.

Market Modern

We invest in market modern technologies—products, services, and solutions—that are highly and quickly scalable, and can modernize the way we do business across all sectors.



We invest in sustainability—financial, social, and environmental—that promises long-term growth for both our investors and our investments. We believe that sustainable business is good business.



123 Baby Box

Aircada, Inc.



Avisi Technologies Inc.

Ballbox, Inc.

Basilard BioTech

Bludot Technologies Inc.

Boom Technology, Inc.


Businesswise Media, Inc.

CenSyn, Inc.

Class Chat, Inc.

Clearing Tech, Inc.

Closed Loop Plastics


Creator Sync, Inc


Current Surgical


DesignWithFrank Inc.

Edge Sound Research Inc.

Educational Vision Technologies

Equal Time



Firstly Edu Institute

Flute Technologies Inc.

Frich, Inc.

GiftPass APP Inc.

GoFlyy, Inc.

Gotchoo Inc.

Gritty in Pink

Guardian Lane

Hello FIV

Here Here Market

IndicatorLab Inc.

Inked Sports Inc.

Intellitech Spa, Inc.

Kenko Physical Therapy Inc.


This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities in any Sunstone fund.  Offers and sales of any Sunstone investment described herein will be made only pursuant to the specific documentation with respect to the particular opportunity (“Offering Materials”).

Early-stage investing comes with an inherently high degree of risk.  For that reason, our funds are only available to individuals who are determined to be accredited investors.  It should not be assumed that any of the investments discussed were or will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or decisions Sunstone makes in the future will be profitable or will equal the past investment performance of prior funds or those funds discussed herein. Investing in any Sunstone Fund involves the risk of loss of principal.

The companies listed here are representative of current and past companies of early-stage entrepreneurs invested in by Sunstone Management either directly or through a sponsored venture capital fund. Being listed here is not an endorsement of these companies or their products. Not all companies were or will be successful. Information provided here is to inform about the types of small business start-ups that have been previously selected for early-stage investing by Sunstone. Investing in these companies was or is aspirational and there is no assurance of success. Early-stage investing comes with an inherently high degree of risk, including the loss of some or all of an investment. 

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