Sunstone Management Announces New Chief Investment Officer Mike Stone

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CALIFORNIA, USA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mike Stone, an investment management expert with an extensive background in fintech, has been named Chief Investment Officer of Sunstone Management. Stone joins the Sunstone team to spearhead assessment and evaluation of investment opportunities as the company continues to drive dramatic growth in southern California’s startup ecosystem.

Stone brings a track record of startup development and capital raising, working first-hand at two tech startups. In his 16 years in the finance sector, he has worked for both Alliance Bernstein and Morgan Stanley, advising institutional and private clients on traditional and alternative investments, including venture capital.

“Mike is a vital piece of Sunstone’s mission to transform southern California’s startup culture to a more diverse and equitable environment” commented John Keisler, CEO of Sunstone Management. “His experience in technology and finance make him a valuable asset as we assess current and future investment opportunities.”

Stone previously spent 15 years in the information technology industry, ranging from early software development to advising startups, mid-size, and fortune 100 companies at Oracle and Siebel. Stone will work closely with Sunstone’s partners as mentor and advisor, providing resources that will continue to differentiate Sunstone from other venture capitalists and startup accelerator programs.

Sunstone Management has established its place as southern California’s leader in early-stage investment by providing unprecedented funding opportunities and mentorship. Sunstone works to diversify the innovative community by focusing on minority-led startups and partnering with the local university systems. The company’s efforts include the creation of the Long Beach Accelerator (LBA), partnership with several universities for pitch competitions and startup-specific investment funds, including the LBA’s new Hyper Growth Capital Program.

“John Shen and John Keisler have developed a cutting-edge reputation in the investment community with Sunstone management,” said Stone. “Southern California presents a unique opportunity to impact the global startup world. It is an established competitor of its northern neighbor, Silicon Valley, but malleable enough to allow for expanded access to a more inclusive market. I look forward to continuing Sunstone’s work creating new pathways for equitable access to entrepreneurial resources.”

About Sunstone Management: A Financial Times (FT) Americas’ Fastest Growing Company
Sunstone Management, with the Sunstone Venture Capital Fund, is a diversified private capital firm located in Southern California that invests in diverse early-stage technology entrepreneurs who demonstrate the promise to build great companies. We believe in the aspirational power of southern California to attract and inspire the most sophisticated investors and the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the world. We deliver new and exciting opportunities for economic growth through the creation of innovative public-private-partnerships, and our unique experience across government, education, and private sectors.
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