Sunstone Founder John Shen To Speak At Lair East Labs Breakfast For New York City Tech Week 

NEW YORK CITY — As part of New York #TechWeek, the accelerator Lair East Labs is sponsoring an Immigrant Founders & Funders Breakfast featuring John Shen, founder of Sunstone Management, Inc., and American Lending Center. 

Shen will be speaking about his hit book, “Crossing The Swamp,” about how he became a parallel entrepreneur after immigrating here from China. Shen emphasizes the challenges and advantages first-generation immigrants have throughout the book. 

Sunstone and Lair East Labs signed an agreement last year for Sunstone to support startup companies in the Lair East Labs accelerator program. The Memorandum of Understanding runs through 2028. 

Lair East Labs will host three events during New York #TechWeek, including this Immigrant Founder Breakfast. The week runs June 3-9, with events all over New York City. 

“Join us at the Immigrant Founders & Funder Breakfast on June 5!” said Jie Li, director at Lair East Labs. “As the Hamilton musical famously sang, ‘Immigrants, we get the job done.’ You’ll hear from featured immigrant entrepreneurs who will share their success stories from building new ventures.” 

The breakfast will be from 9 to 11 a.m. Wednesday, June 5. It is free to attend, but you must register in advance. Go to to register. 

​​Lair East Labs is a startup accelerator based in New York that empowers founders to expand internationally. The program combines learning from top alumni founders and access to a network of mentors and investors with extensive experience navigating the Asian markets. 

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