Arrival Of Year Of The Dragon Auspicious For Sunstone And Our Partners

Welcome back to The Sunstone Way, and Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year, sometimes called the Lunar New Year, is on Saturday, Feb. 10, this year. It will be the Year of the Dragon, and I am really excited for what the year holds. I believe we at Sunstone are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of all the Dragon’s attributes.

What’s A Dragon?

In Chinese culture (and pretty much everywhere), a Dragon is an extraordinary creature. Dragons have no equal in the Chinese zodiac pantheon, being more talented, larger and simply more excellent.

According to tradition, a dragon symbolizes strength, nobility, honor, luck, and success. Those born in the Year of the Dragon embody those traits.

I was particularly happy to find this description:

Gifted with innate courage, tenacity, and intelligence, Dragons are enthusiastic and confident. They are not afraid of challenges, and willing to take risks… They strive to break away from traditional norms and pave the way for a brighter future.

Now that sounds like the Sunstone I want to be!

A Compassionate Origin Story

Tradition holds that the Jade Emperor created the 12-year zodiac to help people measure the passing of the seasons. To name the years he decided to stage a race amongst the animals (including the Dragon, which was much more than a legend back then) to decide the order.

Everyone expected the Dragon to come in first – it was by far the strongest of the animals, and it could fly! So the Jade Emperor was puzzled and a little disappointed when the Dragon came in fifth. Why?

The Dragon said he was late because he stopped to make rain for a village on the way that was suffering from drought. The emperor was so pleased at Dragon’s decision to put service before itself that he gave the Dragon its place in the zodiac.

Does that sound like a Sunstone? I sure think so!

Different Dragons

We all know there are different types of dragons, from friendly (Puff the Magic Dragon) to the awesome Dragon King.

But I discovered recently that there also are different types of dragons populating the Chinese Zodiac – five types, in fact. They are the Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Water Dragons. So each dragon gets its year only once in every 60 years!

This is the Wood Dragon’s year. A Wood Dragon represents vitality and creativity along with success, intelligence, and honor.

What About This Year?

I firmly believe in planning and working to make sure that plan comes to fruition. The team here at Sunstone is diligently pursuing our overarching vision of enriching our community and working with our founders, friends and partners.

But I did notice that the predictions for the coming year have resonance with our goals.

So what can we expect from this Year of the Dragon? Here is what the Times of India says:

“The Wood Dragon year 2024, when combined with the nourishing Wood element, will bring evolution, improvement, and abundance; it is the perfect time for rejuvenated beginnings and setting the foundation for long-term success.”

What Sunstone Sees

As I’m sure you are aware from following The Sunstone Way, this is exactly what Sunstone Management has in mind for 2024. We are evolving, bringing on star leaders with the talents we need to improve. We have created the foundation we need to succeed – and help our partners succeed – in the long term.

Our offices will close on Friday, Feb. 9, so all of our Sunstones can celebrate Chinese New Year. When we come back, we will soar like the Dragon of lore. Because that’s The Sunstone Way.

And as always, be a Sunstone!

John Keisler

CEO & Managing Partner

Sunstone Management, Inc.

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