Sunstone Creates A Healthy Community Through Support Of The Health Care Sector

Sunstone supports innovation and technology in the health care sector to enhance community well-being.

Innovation Drives Benefits for Economy, Society, and Environment

Sunstone supports innovation and technology as paths toward a more sustainable future.

The Future of Aerospace is Here And Sunstone is Flying

The 100th anniversary of the Long Beach Airport is a good reason to talk about the future of aerospace in our city.

Grow Long Beach Initiative On Its Way With Sunstone In Big Role 

Welcome back to The Sunstone Way. I’m excited. At last week’s Grow Long Beach event, Mayor Rex Richardson excited a lot of people with his vision of the city’s future – specifically, the city’s economic future. I’m particularly excited because we, Sunstone Management, get to play an important role in that future as the venture capital partner in this effort.…

Sunstone Is Private Capital Partner In Long Beach Economic Development Initiative 

Welcome back to The Sunstone Way. I’m in Long Beach today with Mayor Rex Richardson as he unveils details of his innovative Grow Long Beach initiative. Mayor Richardson first talked about this new approach back in January during his first State of the City speech, and he has continued to push it forward with the help of non-profit and private…