The Next Step: Online Marketplace For Artisan Foods Gets Boost From Stella Zhang Competition

Editor’s Note: This story is part of an occasional series called The Next Step that follows startup founders who have been part of university competitions sponsored by Sunstone Management, Inc., and one of its partners, Stella Zhang. The Sunstone principals, including Zhang, have created the Sunstone Community Fund, a donor-advised fund, to help sponsor nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Dan Ta and Dylan Riffle were students at the University of California, Irvine, when a friend reached out from the Coachella Valley asking for help finding ways to sell the dates her family were growing.

That request evolved into Leprendo, an online marketplace connecting farms directly to consumers and chefs. Dan and Dylan developed their company through the UCI community, winning the Buttersworth Technology Startup Competition, then the 2022 Stella Zhang New Venture Competition – first in the consumer category and second overall.

“Not a lot of startups continue on after the competition,” Dan said. “But we did… It’s my fulltime job now.”

The company is called Leprendo, and it had $400,000 in sales in its first year. The site still sells the Medjool Dates that started it all, along with numerous organic foods and artisan products.

Dan said Leprendo still is in the startup stage, and he and Dylan hope to keep bootstrapping the company as long as possible, financing it on their own. But the prize money from the Stella Zhang Competition – a total of $15,000 – has made a big difference.

“It has helped us do more research into our market fit,” Dan said. “We’re getting into the agri-tech community… I’m living the dream.”

Dan and Dylan have taken a trip to Hawaii for the THRIVE Hawaii Agrifood Summit, connecting with farmers there. The website allows farms to sell directly to consumers, and Leprendo now is working to connect farmers with chefs for a next-level farm-to-table experience.

“We really want to share the stories of the farmers,” Dan said. “We’re working on short form videos now. We believe we can bring people together over food.”

Stella Zhang is a cofounder and partner at Sunstone Management, Inc., and American Lending Center, where she is COO. She has a master’s degree from UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business, and became the title sponsor of the New Venture Competition in 2022, providing the prize pot of $100,000 a year.

“This event means so much to me,” Zhang said. “We’ve watched past winners go on to accelerators and beyond. We’re so proud to witness this journey.”

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