Sunstone Venture Dynamics Panel Draws Large LA Tech Week Crowd

Sunstone Venture Dynamics Panel Draws Large LA Tech Week Crowd

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) – More than 125 founders, funders and friends gathered Friday at Sunstone Management’s sold out Venture Dynamics Panel & Mixer, part of LA Tech Week.

The venue was Lanea, a cocktail bar and restaurant in Santa Monica. Networking featured signature drinks – the Sunstone Sunrise and Founders Fiesta — and the panel moderated by Edmond Wong offered some great insights, particularly in terms of the value of public-private partnerships in entrepreneurial ventures.

Wong is the co-founder and CEO of TrustCard. TrustCard co-hosted the event. He was joined by Andrea White-Kjoss, managing director at the Long Beach Accelerator; James Jones, co-founder and CEO of Bump; and Sophia Zheng, founder and CEO of Bludot.

Public-private partnerships, a key to the success of many startups, was discussed at length by the panel. That topic expanded into the partnerships generated by Sunstone with governments, higher education institutions and more.

“Partnerships are key to the entrepreneurial experience,” Sunstone CEO John Keisler said. “We believe at Sunstone that we can go farther when we go together, and events like this help make that happen.”

LA Tech Week ‘23 included events all over Los Angeles in early June. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) was the lead organizer.

“The dynamics of public-private partnerships can be a pretty arcane subject and Sunstone’s event hit just the right tenor, making it fun and providing insights in a relaxed atmosphere,” Andrea White-Kjoss said. “The Long Beach Accelerator and Sunstone community was out in force with excellent questions, leading to a great discussion of the intersection of public, private, accelerators, and venture capital, as well as the public sector as a customer.”

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