Sunstone Prepares To Soar During The Year Of The Dragon

January is the month of beginnings – from the New Year’s Day of the Gregorian calendar Jan. 1 to the Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, this year on Feb. 10.

Here at Sunstone, we’re particularly excited about the coming year, which is the Year of the Dragon. That auspicious sign fits perfectly with the preparations we’ve made and the expectations we have for 2024.

What A Dragon Means

The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac. Dragons are known for their strength, nobility, honor, luck, and success. At the same time, they are revered for their kindness and service.

Traditional Chinese dragons breathe out clouds, providing rain for the farmers and water for the cities. That fire-breathing dragon you’re thinking of is from English and Norse mythology.

Sunstone has been growing into a strong and talented dragon, particularly in January, in preparation for this year. We’ve done the work to take flight.

Adding Strength

Heather Lewis hit the ground running when she joined Sunstone in January as our Chief Compliance Officer. Working here at the Sunstone headquarters in Irvine, she’s able to work directly with our various departments – investment, marketing and more – to make sure we follow all the rules and regulations our diverse private capital and early-stage venture capital approaches.

That’s important because we want to ensure our funders, founders and friends that we are doing things the right way. That’s how we protect and serve their interests.

A dragon in his own right, Richard Jun, also settled in with Sunstone in January. Rich has grasped the reins as our Chief Strategy Officer and head of Venture Capital, and already has strengthened our ability to serve our early-stage entrepreneurs and the accelerators – Long Beach Accelerator and Lair East Labs – who help them as well.

Celebrations And Milestones

Speaking of the Long Beach Accelerator, we were pleased to be a part of its first annual Long Beach Accelerator Investors and Founders Summit. It was great to watch our founder John Shen receive the Investor of the Year Award. John was a member of the triumvirate that launched the Long Beach Accelerator and has been a steadfast supporter (of Sunstone) ever since.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day was another important moment in January. Dr. King was the epitome of a life of service, and a great role model for me. I am convinced that the only things truly valuable in life involve giving help to others. I believe that Sunstone is all about service – enriching communities, encouraging founders, and engaging partners.

We have already cohosted Chinese New Year celebrations and have welcomed in the Year of the Dragon with smiles and fanfare. We are imbued with the dragon’s spirit – courageous, tenacious, intelligent, not afraid of challenges…

Sunstone the dragon has matured, and is ready to soar. Thanks to all those who have helped make that happen, and welcome to all those who will join us on this journey.

And as always, remember to be a Sunstone!

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