Jasmine Jiang is the Director of Investment at Sunstone Management, where she leads the investment activities and serves as a member of the investment committee. With a focus on seed/early-stage venture capital investments, Jasmine specializes in enterprise software, SaaS, and other emerging technologies. 

Known for her hands-on approach, Jasmine works closely with founders, providing strategic guidance and support throughout the growth journey of companies from ideation to IPO. Her 10+ years of extensive experience and expertise in the financial services industry have enabled her to drive successful outcomes for portfolio companies. 

Beyond her role at Sunstone, Jasmine is passionate about fostering inclusivity in the startup landscape. As a minority in the US, she leverages her unique identity to build bridges between global markets and establish meaningful collaborations.  

Jasmine holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. She is dedicated to driving economic growth by establishing public-private partnerships and creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.