Sunstone’s conservative & concentrated approach to long-term investing of assets that often represents decades or generations of hard work. Our wealth advisors, tax law specialists, and trust attorneys provide recommendations that are in-line with your wealth growth, preservation &wealth transfer to heirs or charities.


Sunstone Management’s accredited investors participate in a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) executed as an LLC organized as a corporation for federal income tax purposes for the purpose of investing in QOZ property. The fund actively invests in innovative and P3 supported projects that include CRE investments with active businesses to maximize returns in projects across the nation.


Sunstone invests in senior loans backed by commercial real estate assets. Sunstone intends to acquire investment interests in non-consumer/commercial loans made in target real estate markets throughout the United States. The overall objective is to provide investors with a secured and attractive target fixed return.

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Sunstone integrates the benefits from both debt and equity interests by investing in qualified small, growing and mid-sized operating businesses located throughout the U.S. The businesses will be those who have demonstrated a track record in their industry with an established reputation and product, a history of profitability and/or a viable expansion plan for their business concept. Through third party risk control and secured exit strategy, Sunstone is able to offer investors the opportunity of exponential growth from equity investment at a minimized risk level.


Sunstone intends to invest in emerging companies operating in the technology industries in the United States, including consumer and enterprise web communications, IT infrastructure and cloud computing, mobile technologies and applications, enterprise software, life sciences, and other businesses.