What To Do Before You Do The Deal

Welcome back to The Sunstone Way. 

Any time a business deal is being considered, the parties involved engage in something called due diligence. Here at Sunstone, we’re doing our due diligence right now regarding startup founders who are candidates for entry in two top accelerator programs – the Long Beach Accelerator here in California and Lair East Labs in New York City. 

We research these companies to see if they have what it takes to make it going forward, assuming they get the help we and the accelerators can provide. It is an important process, because we commit to being associated with these founders for many years to come, once they enter the accelerators. 

It’s part of our founder-focused philosophy to support these early-stage entrepreneurs, and why we have partnered with these experts in helping great ideas become great businesses. Both the Long Beach Accelerator and Lair East Labs have great track records with their cohorts. LBA already counts four successful exits among its graduates since 2020. LEL companies have raised more than $40 million funding after completing the accelerator in the first five years of operation. 

While the expert training, technical assistance and amazing networking found at the accelerators are key to success, there’s another reason why our partners do so well. It’s because they choose great startups to begin with – and we help them with our due diligence process. It’s taking place for the next cohorts right now. 

What To Check, And Why 

Those who have purchased a home or property are familiar with the due diligence process – that’s when you get experts to do inspections, check the history of the property and its ownership, etc. Our due diligence process is similar. We want to know the founder’s background, whether the business idea’s foundation is stable, how invested they are in making it happen, etc. 

It takes some time. But our team is almost done, and the new cohorts will be announced soon. 

Due diligence also is a key to doing business The Sunstone Way – with safety, reliability, and trust. We’ll be talking more about those principles in the coming weeks.  

But starting out knowing as much as you can know about who you might be doing business with – doing your due diligence – is the beginning. We have great confidence in the future of our founders because we have done the necessary work up front. 

It is The Sunstone Way. 


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