Parallel Entrepreneur John Shen Releases “Crossing the Swamp” Book to Acclaim

Parallel Entrepreneur John Shen Releases “Crossing the Swamp” Book to Acclaim

IRVINE, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) – “Crossing The Swamp,” John Shen’s telling of his journey from China to entrepreneurial success in America, was released Friday, June 30, to strong demand and good reviews.

John Shen is a parallel entrepreneur, launching multiple companies and driving them to success. This book shares his secrets to operating multiple complementary companies at the same time, all while telling the compelling tale of his journey from China to become a successful real estate dealer, then to his climb back to success after losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis.

Today, John Shen has ownership in and management of four companies – American Lending CenterSunstone ManagementPartake Collective and Eritage Resort. American Lending Center and Sunstone Management have both been listed for the last three years as two of the country’s fastest growing companies by Financial Times.

“I have traveled an amazing journey to entrepreneurial success,” John Shen said. “I am a first-generation immigrant and have founded multiple startups that operate simultaneously. Going far beyond the usual model of being a solo or serial entrepreneur, I share the secret to my success as a parallel entrepreneur.”

“Crossing The Swamp” was released Friday morning on Amazon and almost immediately was listed as a Hot New Release in the Biographies of Business Professionals category, second only to a book about Elon Musk. It also was ranked 10th on the Biographies of Business Professionals and the paperback is ranked fifth in Pacific Islander Biographies.

“The book’s memoir elements are dramatic, with examples as of going from being a millionaire to being unwilling to spend a few dollars on a meal. They recount personal and professional setbacks with candor, covering the emotional toll that such challenges take. They also become a means by which to distill decades’ worth of business experience—spanning endeavors including microlending, startup accelerators, and pitch competitions—into eight generally applicable guidelines for fellow entrepreneurs who are hoping to reach their full potential.” – Joseph S. Pete, Foreword Reviews

“Crossing The Swamp” is available at as an e-book ($9.99) and in paperback ($19.95). For more about John Shen and to order the book, go to


About American Lending Center: A Financial Times (FT) Americas’ Fastest Growing Company

American Lending Center (ALC) is a private nonbank lending institution and nationally recognized leader in small business lending. ALC has offered strategically structured senior loan products to 83 qualified projects in 19 states, contributing more than $1.2 billion to the economy and creating more than 13,000 new jobs nationwide since 2009. ALC is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., doing business across the country and the world. Follow American Lending Center on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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Sunstone Management is a diversified private capital management firm with headquarters in Southern California that provides a range of early-stage venture capital, real estate, and fixed income to qualified and accredited investors. The firm delivers new and exciting options for economic growth through innovative public-private partnerships, making use of its unique experience across government, education, and private sectors. Identified by Financial Times as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row. Connect with Sunstone Management at:
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