The following funding opportunities have been collected to ensure that these capital resources cover a breadth of startup and small business verticals. Please review and explore the relevant funding resources that best suits your situation.

New York Ventures Pre-Seed and Seed Matching Fund Program (NYVPSSF)

NY Ventures supports early-stage technology and start-up companies through the NYVPSSF. The program will offer early-stage business equity investments from $50K to $250K with matching from private sector. In addition, Empire State Department offers the tools and key introductions needed to help companies reach the next level.

CA Climate Catalyst Program

The Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund is designed to jumpstart critical climate solutions through flexible, low-cost credit and credit support, help bridge the financing gap that currently prevents these advanced technologies from scaling into the marketplace, mobilize public/private financing for shovel-ready projects that are stuck in the deployment phase, and accelerate the speed and scale at which technologically proven, critical climate solutions are deployed.

Sunstone does not administer, endorse, or assume liability of any outcomes relating to the provided resources. It is imperative that the necessary due diligence is conducted when assessing the potential of any resources for your own startup or business.